Kullu Shawl is now protected under Geographical Indications Act 1999.

The traditional Kullu Shawl will get excellent prices in the international market as they will now bear a special logo which only products registered under Geographical Indications Act 1999, can bear. With the registration under Geographical Indications Act value of Kullu shawl is expected to rise manifolds, as production of these will become exclusive to the areas where they are being produced.

Himachal Pradesh Patent Information Centre is involved in the designing of a logo which can be used for all Himachali products, registered under Geographical Indications. The logo will be prepared in a very typical manner so that the chances of copying or producing a similar one can be completely ruled out. The HPPIC has prepared a list of 10 items like the Chilgoza, Chulli oil, angoori, Chamba Rumal, Chamba Chappal etc.


An effort for survival of Kangra Tea.

Kangra Tea is known for its unmatched quality and flavour, it was exported to Amsterdam and London. However, the Govt. is trying its best to help the Kangra Tea survive, the lack of entrepreneurial initiative and shrinking tea gardens pose a question mark on the future of Kangra Tea industry.
In an effort to revive Kangra Tea, HPPIC has obtained registration for Kangra tea under GI Act, 1999.

Kangra Tea Garden

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